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Internet Crimes

Internet crimes can encompass almost any crime that occurs over the internet.  Often they involve sexual offences, financial offences, and fraudulent offences, or charges of uttering threats.  The defence of individuals charged with internet crimes can often be complex and technical in nature.  Computer forensics and forensic accounting are specialized areas which require a specialized criminal defence.  Sometimes the investigations involve production orders, search warrants, tracking warrants, or other specialized criminal investigative techniques.

Looking for an Internet Crime Lawyer in Edmonton?

If you have been charged with an offence that involves the internet, or that involves the seizure of electronic information or equipment, it is important that you receive experienced legal advice as soon as possible.  The lawyers at Bottos Law Group have experience in complex cases in Edmonton and the surrounding area involving computer forensics and search warrants.  If you believe you have been charged, or may be charged with a crime of this nature, call us today to make sure that your Charter rights are properly protected.

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