Sexual Assault

What Is An Example Of A Sexual Offence?

There are numerous sexual offences under the Criminal Code. These include:

  • Sexual assault;
  • Sexual interference and invitation to sexual touching;
  • Sexual exploitation of a minor or a person with a disability;
  • Incest and bestiality;
  • Voyeurism;
  • Child pornography;
  • Internet luring; and
  • Indecent acts.

For more information regarding sexual offences that involve the internet, please see our section on Internet Crimes.

What Is The Age of Consent?

This is an area of the law that has undergone sweeping changes in the past 10 years. The age of consent has been raised to 16 years. The definition of “consent” has been narrowly redefined.

What Are The Consequences Of Conviction For Sexual Assault Or Other Sexual Offences?

The consequences on conviction for sexual assault or any of these offences can be very severe. Most sexual offences under the Criminal Code have mandatory minimum jail sentences, and for the more serious offences, lengthy terms in the penitentiary (in excess of two years) are common. In addition, on conviction, a judge may require the person to register with the sex offender’s registry and provide a DNA sample to be entered into the Federal DNA databank. In certain cases, registration as a sex offender can be imposed for life.

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