Murder and Other Forms of Homicide

Homicide includes First and Second degree murder, manslaughter, and criminal negligence causing death.  These are among the most serious crimes individuals can be charged within Canada.

Penalties For First And Second Degree Murder

First degree murder carries with it a mandatory life sentence, with no chance of parole for 25 years.  Second degree murder also carries a mandatory life sentence, with no chance of parole for 10-25 years, depending on the facts of the case and on the offender.

Our criminal lawyers at Bottos Law Group have successfully represented and defended many individuals charged with these offences in Edmonton and the surrounding area.  Investigations involving allegations of murder, manslaughter, or other forms of homicide are complex and involved.  It is important that you are fully informed by a lawyer.

Looking For A Murder Lawyer In Edmonton?

If you have been charged with murder, manslaughter, or another form of homicide, it is extremely important that you speak to experienced legal counsel immediately.  Contact our criminal lawyers for a consultation.

Even if you believe or suspect you may be charged, it is still extremely important that you do not hesitate to seek legal advice.  Do not wait until it is too late to effectively exercise your right to legal counsel.

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