Police Officer Bill Clark

Police Officer’s Comments Undermine Trust

Last week in the Edmonton Journal, Bottos Law Group Associate Will van Engen wrote the following regarding Police Officer Bill Clark’s comments to the University of Alberta Law School:

“For these reasons, police must remain objective and impartial. They must be open to innocent explanations in regards to a particular suspect. An officer who begins from the presumption that a criminal suspect is a “maggot” may have lost objectivity or may have formed biases that could affect his ability to properly investigate crimes.

If we as a society are truly interested in ferreting out crime, we should also hold police officers to account.

Far from being an oversensitive “snowflake,” Ms. Dick has shown courage in bringing Staff Sgt. Clark’s comments to the attention of EPS. She should be commended for her actions. And to those who wonder how she’ll do in the legal world — I think she’ll do just fine.”


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