Legal Aid Wins Increased Funding

A functioning Legal Aid system is crucial to the proper running of the Justice system here in Alberta, and the proper resourcing of legal aid across the country was highlighted by the Supreme Court of Canada as an important tool to reduce trial delays.  It is therefore heartening that our Provincial government has recognized the importance of Legal Aid to all Albertas, especially low-income Albertans.  This infusion of cash though, just puts Legal Aid on a solid footing for the coming year.  Like the recent budget increase for the Crown Prosecutor’s office, it does not actually address the population growth or volume growth that has created such a desperate situation in our court system.

From the Article:

“Criminal lawyers in Alberta are celebrating a boost in funding to the province’s beleaguered legal aid services.

“We’re all pleasantly surprised that the government has shown such a commitment,” Kelly Dawson, president of the Criminal Trial Lawyers Association, said Monday.”

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