Longridge Family

Dino Bottos Comments on the Christina Longridge Case

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“She has suffered for a very long time with bipolar disorder and in the final weeks before this incident she was showing severe signs of instability,” Dino Bottos said outside the Edmonton courthouse.

Bottos said he has talked to several family members and friends of Longridge since taking her case.

“The family, they are very much in support of her because they understand that she has been very sick for a very long time,” he said.

“I understand her to be, according to the family and friends, a very good person who has been a loving mother.”

Outside court after the hearing, [Mr. Bottos] acknowledged the case is an especially distressing one.

“It’s a terrible case. A parent, a mother killing her child is very difficult for anyone to fathom and it’s indicative to me of something that was not part of her character but perhaps something she could not control herself.”

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